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Allen Street Bathhouse's Future As a Food Stall Gets a Nudge

The city’s Parks Department has issued a request for proposals

Plans to transform a Lower East Side bathhouse that’s been vacant for over 60 years is finally moving forward. The city’s Parks Department issued a requested for proposals Friday to convert the bathhouse and the space around it into food stall, DNAinfo reports.

The Parks Department first revealed its intention to transform the dilapidated building early this year, and now has followed suit with the RFP. Some of the details of that proposal include allowing a potential developer to repair or transform the roof, install new gas lines, and windows, doors, and walls — so basically a complete do-over is what they’re saying in essence.

There’s been some back and forth between the Parks Department and the local community board on the use of the space however. Back in February, the district manager for the board told DNAinfo, that the department hadn’t properly consulted with the board for the best possible uses of the facility, but a Parks Department official refuted those claims at the time and said the RFP had been developed after several years of community input, and at least three meetings with the community board.

One of the suggestions from the board was to provide facilities for cyclists at the space, and applications that have that component will be favored. The deadline to submit proposals is September 15, and the city will choose vendors about six months after that.