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Big Reveal: $360,000 For a Cozy Fort Greene Co-op In a Historic Building

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The teeny-tiny apartment has some lovely features for its price

The guesses at the price of this tiny Fort Greene one-bedroom were all over the place—as low as $260,000, and as high as $495,000—but in the end, only louisamae hit the nail on the head with her guess of $360,000. The apartment is located at 143 Lafayette Avenue between Carlton and Cumberland Avenues, which is, like we said, a fantastic location; only one block from Fort Greene Park, and a short walk from the neighborhood’s plethora of bars, restaurants, and the like. It’s small, though—and many commenters took issue with the purported 485-square-foot size, with NYCSince1983 saying, "Brokers must be terrible at math because, by my calculations, this place is roughly 300 square feet, 325 at best." Still, it’s a nice place for someone who doesn’t mind living small.

Let’s look at that floorplan one more time: