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Will Anthony Bourdain's Pier 57 Food Hall Actually Happen?

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An investigation has revealed that the Bourdain team hasn’t signed a lease yet

Following news last month that Anthony Bourdain’s planned international food market at Pier 57 had pushed its opening back by two years, an investigation by Eater NY is now questioning whether Bourdain Market will open at the pier at all. Eater found out that Bourdain and his partners haven’t actually signed up for a lease at the SuperPier, but have only obtained a letter of intent, which is not a legally binding contract.

Instead, Eater NY is investigating rumors that the Bourdain Market partners might actually be considering a back up option, which is signing on to 155,000 square feet of space at Gansevoort Market. The head of Bourdain Market, Stephen Werther confirmed to Eater that they hadn’t signed a lease at Pier 57, and that they had previously considered Gansevoort as a backup option. He denied rumors that those talks had restarted again however.

The developers of the Pier, Youngwoo & Associates and RXR Realty declined to comment on the matter, but a rep for Youngwoo said that the development firm had never confirmed Bourdain Market as a tenant, and that only Google had been confirmed so far as having signed a lease at the space.

Werther admitted to Eater that he expected the project to have moved forward sooner, but that signing the lease was "imminent," and that there were bound to be complications for a project of this scope.

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