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New Public Plaza will Encircle Helmut Jahn’s West Street Tower

The new plaza will be accompanied by the new West Thames Street Pedestrian Bridge

Helmut Jahn’s new 782-foot-tall condo tower, 50 West Street, will soon be complemented by its very own pedestrian plaza. The Wall Street Journal reports that this fall will mark the reveal of the new privately-owned public space that will function not only as an urban oasis but also as a deterrent to the sidewalk traffic that would’ve increased as a result of the glassy pedestrian bridge pending construction above West Street.

Instead of feeding into the sidewalks, pedestrian traffic from the overhead bridge will empty into the plazas, inviting people to stick around and enjoy the new space. The plaza, which will be open 24 hours a day and is designed by W Architecture & Landscape Architecture, will wrap around 50 West Street’s base with a cafe, art gallery, seating space, evergeeen trees, and plants in its lineup.

As for Jahn’s tower, more than half of the 191 condo units are already in contract with prices for the apartments asking between $1.615 million and $18.63 million. The building has amenity spaces designed by Thomas Juul Hansen and include a library, resident’s dining room, craft room, and spa. Residents may be moving in as early as this fall.