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How to Survive the ‘Heat Dome’ in NYC: In Photos

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It’s here and it’s hot

The ‘heat dome’ that has been sweltering the majority of the country has made its way to New York City bringing, as the name suggests, some scorching temperatures and high-level humidity. In case you need further clarification on what a heat dome is and how it differs from a heat wave, a ‘dome’ is when "high pressure in the upper atmosphere acts as a lid, preventing hot air from escaping," quotes the New York Daily News from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (great, as if the city didn’t do a great job of its own trapping heat within).

So far, temperatures have soared into the high 90s with humidity making it feel more into the 100s. With the blazing weather upon us, New Yorkers are doing anything possible to keep cool. Of course, beaches and pools were flooded while cooling centers were heavily populated as well. If you haven’t found a way to keep cool yet and just ‘can’t stand it’, take notes from these Instagram pics that suggest it’s the little things like ice cream or a kayaking adventure that though not much, may provide a little bit of relief from the heat.

NYC’s public pools are always a good option...

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So is waiting until after dark to go outside and chill.

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These pooches got the right idea. Submersing one’s self in water whilst protecting your head from the sun is super smart.

It's getting hot ☀️ in herre. #hot

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And then there’s the classic (and illegal) opening of the fire hydrant.

Until the FDNY comes to shut it down, of course.


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But again, water is your friend—now moreso than ever.

How we beat the #heatdome

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And ice cream. Can’t forget about ice cream.

It's #nationalvanillaicecreamday Not that I needed an incentive on this hot day

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