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Madonna Is Still Beefing With Her Upper West Side Co-op Board

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The legendary artist has been fighting the building’s board over a change to her lease

Will Madonna’s real-estate woes never end? It seems unlikely: Just a few months after getting into hot water over a parking snafu outside of her Upper East Side megamansion, the iconic singer is embroiled in another fight, this time over an apartment she owns in the co-op building at 41 Central Park West, known as Harperley Hall.

In April, she sued the building after its board changed her lease to prevent her children, employees, or other friends from using the unit while she wasn’t there. (Think of it as an Airbnb-type regulation for very rich people.) Now, the New York Post reports that the co-op board at Harperley Hall has asked a judge to throw the suit out, stating that Madonna can’t "credibly claim she was treated any differently from every other shareholder."

The board allegedly changed the rules in April 2014, but Madonna claims that she didn’t become aware of the issue until November of last year. Her defense? "Plaintiff is a world-renowned recording artist, performer and singer who is constantly on world tours," according to the court papers—but that may not be enough to sway a judge.

This isn’t even the first time Madonna’s had problems in the building: She previously battled the co-op board over renovations to a different apartment (which she later sold for $16 million), and pissed off her neighbors by playing music too loud. Sheesh.