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Photos Capture the Massive Summer Storm That Occupied NYC

The forceful storm brought lightning that struck One World Trade Center

The thunderstorm across New York City and surrounding areas was something serious tonight. With warnings and storm watches in effect most of the day from various weather outlets, this one proved to be more than smoke and mirrors. The monstrous storm brought heavy thunder, gusting winds, and lighting that had the audacity to strike One World Trade Center (yikes!). Some folks found beauty in the summer storm. Others were simply amazed at its tenacity. Thank goodness from camera-ready folks that captured some amazing flicks of this mind-blowing whirlwind that visited New York.

Three prong lightning and I got absolutely soaked #nyc

A photo posted by Max Butterworth (@mbpix1986) on

Lightning ⚡️ from 5 p.m. today ( : @jssica) #nofilter

A photo posted by Gothamist (@gothamist) on