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The Best NYC Neighborhoods for Displaced L Train Riders

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Don't want to deal with the loss of the L train? Here's where you could move instead

Over the last year, there has been a continued debate as to how and when the MTA will repair the Hurricane Sandy damaged L train. But as of this week, the debate has been put to rest at the MTA announced it will completely shut down the subway line for 18 months starting in 2019.

While the L will continue to run from Canarsie to Williamsburg, there will be no stops past Bedford Avenue. Considering one of the key selling points of Williamsburg real estate is the neighborhood’s proximity to Manhattan and its subway network, the cessation of service will lead to problems for those who who live in area (and beyond) but work in Manhattan. Real estate experts are already predicting that the neighborhood will see an adverse effect—i.e., people will leave Williamsburg thanks to the loss of the L.

In response to this issue, StreetEasy compiled a list of New York City neighborhoods that are comparable to Williamsburg in terms of rent and commute time to Midtown. Unsurprisingly, the East Village—just on the other side of the L train—was on the list, with a median rent of $3,200/month and a nine-minute commute to Midtown; but since the L won’t run in Manhattan at all once the shutdown happens, that may not be the best choice. Other neighborhoods that made the cut: Central Harlem, Astoria, Kips Bay, Crown Heights, and Little Italy. StreetEasy also looked at the "current Williamsburg demo" (which to them, means people between the ages of 20 and 29), and factored that in as well. Check out more comprehensive data in the map below.