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Soros's Nolita Basketball Dome Townhouse Sells For Half Its Initial Ask

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Gregory Soros purchased the Novogratz-designed townhouse for $12M in 2010

The family of billionaire George Soros is already well-versed in selling pricey Manhattan real estate, but the clan is adding another property to that list: the funky Centre Market Place townhouse formerly owned by Soros’s son, Gregory.

As the scion of one of the country’s great investors, the younger Soros should know that not every investment is a good one—as is the case at 5 Centre Market Place, which sold at a $2 million loss for $9.7 million, according to the Observer.

Gregory, an artist, plopped $12 million down on the Novogratz-designed pad in 2010 before deciding shortly after (three years, to be exact) that the 5,700-square-foot townhouse just wan’t for him. Soros is leaving behind a Novogratz signature—a personal basketball court, on the rooftop no less—but finding another might not be as hard as it seems, should he want to. The townhouse also comes with three full-floor bedroom suites.

Soros listed the townhouse between Grand and Broome streets for just $100 more than he purchased it for in 2010. The townhouse first hit the market in 2008 asking $18 million, nearly twice as much as it just sold for. Perhaps it wasn’t a terrible deal after all (and when you’re from a billionaire family, what’s $2 million anyway?)