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Second Avenue Subway at ‘Significant Risk’ of Being Delayed Again

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File this one under “duh”

There are some things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and delays on MTA capital projects. There’ve been rumblings that the Second Avenue Subway may not make its projected December opening date, and it looks like the speculation may have some merit.

The Wall Street Journal reports that operational tests for the first phase of the line won’t begin until October 1, which is only two months before it’s due to open. And the independent engineer hired to report on construction progress told the WSJ that this latest issue means there’s "significant risk" of the December deadline not being met. Womp womp.

The setback is part of a larger series of delays "related to fabricating elevator cabs needed at underground subway entrances, communications-equipment installation and activation and testing of a police radio system," according to the WSJ. Here’s how that plays out in real time: There are 608 tests that were supposed to be completed by the end of June; only 336 of those actually ended up happening.

And according to DNAInfo, contractors working on the stations met only 70 percent of their June goals, leading to even more construction delays. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.