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Citi Bike Reveals Newest Docking Stations Via an Interactive Map

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The bike-sharing program is bringing 73 stations to Brooklyn and Upper Manhattan

On Monday, Citi Bike will begin construction on new bike docking stations in previously untouched areas of Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn. To aid costumers in locating the newest and nearest stations, Citi Bike launched an online map along with the announcement. (h/t DNAInfo)

This means good news for tourists and locals alike, as the yellow "planned" pins dot the map around both popular destinations and more residential areas. Among the new Manhattan docking locations are plenty of stations along the border of Central Park’s upper-most half, with the furthest new dock a few blocks west of the park’s edge at Broadway and West 110th Street.

Brooklyn will also receive a significant boost in neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Gowanus, Park Slope, and Red Hook. Bikes here will stretch from the East River to the westernmost border of Prospect Park.

The Department of Transportation originally planned to unveil 62 new docking stations but later upped the total number to 73, citing density as an incentive. The DOT also consulted with residents and other officials to address and edit the plans before announcing the final map released earlier today. The DOT expects to cut the ribbon on the new stations in one month’s time.