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Brooklyn Heights Library Branch Closes Ahead of Redevelopment

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An interim branch opened on Remsen Street while Cadman Plaza West gets redeveloped into a condo building

The interim library at Our Lady of Lebanon Church on Remsen Street is open for business as controversial plans to demolish the existing Brooklyn Heights Library move forward. The Brooklyn Heights Library, located on Cadman Plaza West, closed its doors yesterday to make way for its redevelopment into a 36-story mixed-use building, with a new library as part of the tower's design.

This interim branch will remain open until the project’s completion and relocation to that 27,000-square-foot space. The branch, designed by the firm Levin Betts, will offer full services, operating six days a week and offering activities that include live performances, after-school programs, adult literacy services, and more.

Meanwhile, State Supreme Court Judge Dawn Jimenez-Salta recently dismissed a lawsuit brought about by community activist group Love Brooklyn Libraries that aimed to have city approvals for the tower’s development revoked, citing the tower’s negative impact on the neighborhood. Though that motion was dismissed, the group plans to appeal but for now, the project is free to move forward.