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Gas Station-Replacing High Line Condo The Getty Tops Out

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The West Chelsea condo building will be completed sometime next year

It was just a few months ago that we last checked in with the Michael Shvo and Victor Group-developed, Peter Marino-designed condo at 239 Tenth Avenue, and since then, the building has made significant progress. As of this week, it’s officially topped out, marking a milestone for the project. If all goes according to plan, the building will be complete by the second quarter of 2017.

To recap, the building will look something like this once it’s complete:

It’s rising on the site of a former Getty gas station, hence the building’s moniker, The Getty. Marino, known in some circles as "the leather daddy of luxury," is responsible for the condo’s design—and a photo from the topping-out ceremony provided by a building spokesperson shows why, exactly, that nickname follows him around.

Restaurateur Daniel Boulud is also in the shot, and though a spokesperson wouldn’t confirm his involvement in the project (saying only that he’s a "special friend" of the building), there is commercial space. Some is already confirmed to be devoted to a gallery, but maybe there’s also a restaurant is the works, too? Only time (or official word as the building gets closer to completion) will tell.