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Wacky Soho Bachelor Pad Returns With the Same $4.5M Ask

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The saga of this strange Soho bachelor pad continues, and it would appear that its current owners haven’t taken any of the common-sense rules of listing real estate to heart. Rather than reducing the price of the home, which first hit the market in 2012, the sellers increased the ask (from $3.5 million to $4.5 million), even though no one has bit in nearly four years.

And instead of toning down the apartment’s, uh, colorful decor—"Ferrari red" kitchen cabinetry, a huge bronze bull’s head on one wall, exposed brick everywhere—the owners have kept it pretty much the same, apparently in the hopes that someone will love this over-the-top pad as-is. (Or that someone who loves a design challenge will swoop in.) In any case, it’s back after a brief period off the market, still with the same $4.5 million ask, and we’d like to say maybe the fourth time will be the charm, but … nah, probably not.