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Supertall at 45 Broad Street Will Come With New Subway Elevators

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The condo and office building is being developed by Madison Equities

A planned supertall in the Financial District might actually do some good for the rest of the community as well. Developers behind the 45 Broad Street project are going to pay for the installation of two elevator entrances to the Broad Street J/Z station, YIMBY reports.

Both entrances will be located on Broad Street, one on the southwest corner, at the intersection of Exchange Place and one on the northeast corner. Though the entrances won’t be private entrances for the tenants at 45 Broad Street, Madison Equities, the developer of that project, has collaborated with the city to create the entrances.

The new entrances will be located on a rather quirky landmark known as the Street Plan of New Amsterdam and Colonial New York, and as a result the developers had to go before the Landmarks Preservation Commission to get approval. They got that this week.

Madison Equities has brought on Urbahn Architects to oversee the project, and they’ll have to work in coordination with the New York City Transit Authority, and the New York City Public Design Commission.

The CetraRuddy-designed project at 45 Broad will see the creation of 150 apartments spread out over 66 floors, and include space for offices as well. Currently the closest subway elevators to the building are located on Fulton Street, about six blocks away from this project.

Rendering by Madison Equities courtesy of YIMBY

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