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Big Reveal: $995,000 for a Windsor Terrace 2BR With Prospect Park Views

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The spacious apartment has amazing views of Prospect Park

Price guesses for this week’s price spotter were interesting, to say the least, with Scorpion68 guessing a comical "99 cents" and others guessing more believable prices ranging from $775,000 to $1.1 million. While Someone98 came scathingly close with their guess of $990,000, it was omarrr who hit the nail on the head guessing the correct asking amount of $995,000.

The two-bedroom co-op is located at 135 Prospect Park Southwest in Windsor Terrace and seemed to be overall pleasing based on the comments it received. Omarrr called it "honest" after stating that he really like the place and while Trilby16 took issue with the textured walls and the basic kitchen, they reasoned that it is indeed spacious. Several commenters really liked the green bathroom tiles and the Prospect Park views were a definite win.

Now that you’ve seen the price, have another look at the pad and see if you think it’s worth what it’s asking.