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Turn-of-the-century Crown Heights townhouse gets a thoughtful makeover

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A Crown Heights couple put their spin on a Renaissance Revival townhouse

A house does not become a home the second a sale closes, or even when the last box is unpacked. As we’ve seen through Curbed’s House Calls series, a home is something that’s cultivated over time, as experiences accumulate alongside meaningful objects. Architectural Digest visited the Crown Heights townhouse of Michael Shome, the brand’s photo director, and Justin Dupree, a Corcoran broker, who are in the thick of building their home together.

"Your house is always something that’s changing over time," Shome told AD. "Our philosophy is take your time and do it well; don’t rush anything. The more time you have to plan, the more curated and informed it becomes." That reasoning shines through in the townhouse, full of eccentric objects and mismatched furnishings that chorus with each other in a way made possible only through careful consideration.

Shome and Dupree purchased the 1909 Renaissance Revival building nearly a decade ago from an owner who had held onto the property since the 1960s, and worked through the house room by room. Too often a longterm owner means fixer-upper, but the townhouse was well preserved and only needed some aesthetic upgrades to make its original beauty shine through.

For a deeper look into the lovingly restored and decorated townhouse, head over to Architectural Digest.