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Gorgeous West Village ‘timepiece’ seeks $7.15M after mod update

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The 19th-century townhouse has gotten some new additions

There are a lot of flowery descriptors in the listing for this West Village townhouse, located on Washington Street close to Hudson River Park: "rare and unique"; "a classic, well-designed timepiece"; "impeccable move-in condition"; you get the drill. But it’s a pretty 19th-century Federal-style townhouse (one, it must be said, of many in the West Village) that has been carefully restored and renovated, so at least some of the platitudes are spot-on.

The house was last purchased in 2014, and the current owner sunk $500,000 into renovations on the home—oak flooring, custom cabinetry in the kitchen, new fixtures throughout, and the like. But those upgrades mean that the owner is now seeking a bit of a profit: the sale price in 2014 was $6 million; now, it’s listed for $7.15 million.

In addition to the modern additions, the house has a landmarked facade (as part of the Greenwich Village Historic District) and some of its pre-war details, along with a lovely little backyard, five bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms.