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Photos that capture the beauty of NYC in black and white

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Instagram photos capture the city in monochrome

Black and white photography can make almost anything look good and photographs of New York City sans color never get old. Granted, the city does a great job on its own looking captivating, but something about it being stripped of its color-filled reality and portrayed in monochrome gives it a sense of calmness, serenity, and complexity all at the same time. This week, we’ve rounded up the best Instagram photos we could find of various city sites looking beautiful in black and white.

May the pile driving begin! #pier55 #nycarchitecture #nycconstruction #NYC

A photo posted by C E L I N E A R M S T R O N G (@celinerachelle) on

The Woolworth Building - The tallest office building in the world in 1913. #woolworthbuilding #architecture #cassgilbert #bkflea #nycarchitecture

A photo posted by Bleecker Street Antiques (@bleeckerstreetantiques) on

El Dorado up close. #history #architecture #building #buildings #city #nyc #nycarchitecture #westside

A photo posted by winds0nlyfriend (@winds0nlyfriend) on