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City Island’s First New Condos In 15 Years Show Their Interiors

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Peek inside the new condos rising on idyllic City Island’s eastern shore

The quiet Bronx enclave of City Island is set away from the hustle and bustle of much of the city, and at that the idyllic island is slow to change. So when developer Greystone announced that it would be bringing City Island its first new large-scale condos in 15 years via a gated development called On the Sound, it came as a shock—but a well-received one at that. Sales of On the Sound’s 43 townhouse-style apartments kicked off in February 2015, and to-date nearly 70 percent of the condos have sold.

The sales update comes with first photographs of the condos along with word that closings are now on at the secluded five-acre seaside development. Construction is ongoing at the site, and is expected to wrap up next year.

Kutnicki Bernstein Architects designed the 21-building development with amenities to spare. Residents have access to a clubhouse lounge, an outdoor pool, a gym, and a playground. Each townhouse comes with parking. The development faces Long Island Sound (a given, taking its name into account) and is on City Island’s eastern shore.

Since its sales launch, 29 of the condos have sold. StreetEasy shows 10 apartments on the market, of which four are in contract, asking between $488,000 and $988,000.