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Here’s How New Yorkers Celebrated the 4th of July, Despite Rain

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A little drizzle couldn’t put a damper on the Independence Day festivities

Macy's 4th of July Fireworks New York City 2016 Elyssa Walter/Curbed Flickr Pool

Happy day-after-the-Fourth-of-July! (Anyone else working through a hot dog hangover? Just us?) New York celebrated the holiday in truly American fashion: by shooting tens of thousands of fireworks into the sky over the city. The Macy’s 4th of July fireworks were the biggest game in town (well, really, the whole country), with a display that began at 9:30 and lasted about a half hour through cloudy, drizzly weather. Barges were set up in Midtown Manhattan and just below the Brooklyn Bridge, and the whole shebang was loud and colorful, which is probably not totally what our forefathers intended, but was nice nevertheless.

The Independence Day 大雨☔️ #brooklynbridgepark #independenceday

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And it’s off with a bang! #macysfireworks

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Back in NY just in time for the fireworks Happy 4th

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The view from Jersey City was pretty spectacular, too:

But the scrum after the fireworks ended was nothing short of a massive clustermess. This video, shot from the corner of Joralemon and Hicks Streets (close to one of the approved entrances to the Brooklyn Bridge Park viewing spots), is just a small smattering of what happened once the festivities ended. Basically, if a zombie apocalypse ever hits New York City, this is a preview of what the ensuing chaos might look like (h/t Sarah Williams for sending this along):

There was also a smaller fireworks display in Coney Island underneath the Parachute Jump:

✨ .

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And that’s a wrap—good luck working through the inevitable post-holiday haze today, everyone.