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Whitney Architect Renzo Piano's First NYC Condos Will Ask From $1M

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The development at 565 Broome Street is currently under construction

Sales have yet to launch at 565 Broome Soho, the first New York City condos from Whitney architect Renzo Piano, but thanks to a New York Times profile, a more complete picture of the building has finally emerged. (Literally—there’s a new rendering of the building’s exterior.)

Namely, pricing and a thorough breakdown of the development’s 115 apartments has finally been revealed—and predictably, they’ll be pretty expensive, with the cheapest apartments going for just south of $1 million, and the most expensive topping out around $20 million. The smallest units will be studios, and the largest will be full-floor four-bedrooms, along with some duplexes.

The building’s location—at the traffic-clogged mouth of the Holland Tunnel—was initially a deterrent for the developers (a collaboration between Bizzi & Partners Development and Aronov Development, in partnership with Halpern Real Estate Ventures and Cindat Capital Management), but they eventually came around. They’re hoping that buyers will, too; the views of the Hudson River, rather than the God-awful tunnel below, are a big selling point.

The structure will rise 30 stories, with a 12-story podium base, and then two towers that will begin on the building’s 16th floor. Each one will have curved corners, the better to provide an "expansive" view that "won’t be disrupted by a corner beam," per the Times. Six duplex apartments will each come with a private saltwater pool, because why not?

The ground floor of the building will have some retail, along with a private gated driveway (if you’re spending millions of dollars on a condo, you’re probably also the sort of person who needs this particular perk). Amenities include a fitness center, a residents’ lounge, and a saltwater pool, all of which are apparently de rigueur for upscale New York City condos these days.