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Brooklyn’s Own Captain America Will Be Honored With a Statue in Prospect Park

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Marvel Comics celebrates the superhero’s 75th anniversary this year

Brooklyn's got plenty of real-life hometown heroes, sure. But what better "Local boy makes good" story is there than the one about Steve Rogers, a scrawny kid from Kings County who grew up to become Captain America?

It's with this local legacy in mind that Marvel announced the creation of a 13-foot-high bronze statue of Captain America, to be unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con later this month on the occasion of the character's 75th anniversary. (h/t USA Today) Afterwards, the statue will be relocated to Cap's home borough to stand in Prospect Park, where a dedication ceremony for the statue is scheduled for August 10.

A mockup sketch for the statue shows Cap standing triumphant in full costume, raising his iconic red, white and blue shield over his head. An inscription on the base reads, "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn," a line that Steve (Chris Evans) delivers in the 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger, when his nemesis asks what makes him so special.

"For 75 years, Captain America has inspired generations of fans as the ultimate global icon for freedom, strength, and doing the right thing," Disney Consumer Products SVP Paul Gitter said of the statue. "Brooklyn was selected as the perfect place to bring this 13-foot-tall tribute due to the strong hometown pride that Captain America expresses in Marvel’s films."

The statue's move home is being orchestrated in partnership with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams’s office. "Captain America was always more than just a kid from Brooklyn," Adams said in a statement. "The epic story of this paragon of patriotism, told over decades of crimefighting, has inspired millions of comic lovers across our nation. I am thrilled to be working with Marvel to bring Captain America home on his 75th anniversary."

After its stint in Prospect Park, the piece will subsequently visit several other locations around Brooklyn before landing in a to-be-announced permanent spot. And don't worry, Cap fans: This Steve won't be hailing Hydra any time soon.

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