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Nomad's ‘Building on Stilts' On Hold Following Neighbor Complaints

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The DOB has raised objections about an outdoor space on the second floor

Following complaints from neighbors about a planned 760-foot skyscraper in Nomad, the city’s Department of Buildings has issued a stop work order on the project, but for a slightly different reason than the focus of neighbors’ complaints, Crain’s reports.

JD Carlisle and the Fosun Group will have to alter their plans for their tower at 126 Madison Avenue after an inspector found that an outdoor space on the second floor of the building was in violation of the city’s laws—that type of space needs to be at least 10 feet wide, but was found to be smaller.

But that wasn't the main concern for residents at the nearby Sky House condo. They've raised objections to the building’s residential units essentially standing on stilts, with the lower floors being used as mechanical spaces, and the apartments not starting till 155 feet above ground. The problem? It'll block the Sky House residents' views. (How sad.)

The DOB didn't find any fault there, though; the agency says the existing zoning laws didn’t regulate the height of ceilings for mechanical spaces, and as such they didn’t have problems with the building's design. A representative for the aggrieved neighbors is likely to appeal the decision.