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Proposed Lowline Site Could Become Transit Hub During L Train Shutdown

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A recently pitched idea envisions the site of the proposed park as a transit hub

Panic continues to build over the impending L train closure, with concerned parties proposing alternatives that range from the moderately practical—riders willing to give up complete service to get the project done quicker—to the slightly silly—turning 14th street into a car-free zone—thrown out there in an attempt to make riders' lives less terrible. According to DNAinfo, the latest desperate measure to abate commuters' anxiety would involve transforming the proposed site of the Lowline into a transportation hub.

The idea was pitched during a public meeting between Community Board 3 and the MTA. Since the underground station, located below Delancey Street, hasn’t been locked down yet by the group behind the proposed park, the space is being viewed as a potential way to boost bus service between Williamsburg and the Lower East Side.

"I'm worried that now the L train is going to be gone, we're going to be having more people using our transportation, which is already limited," stated Tunisia Riley of the community board’s land use committee. Since the MTA plans to increase Lower East Side bus service across the B39, M14A, and M14D routes, the transportation hub may help alleviate the influx in riders along the M and J train lines.

One person that isn’t all too thrilled about the proposal is Lowline co-founder Dan Barasch. "Not only would it be technically not feasible to use the space as a bus depot, but it would be disappointing to suffer such a poor lack of imagination as to use the historic one-acre site as a parking lot," he said.

The MTA will consider the idea along with others that have been proposed and will a decision by August. The shutdown is scheduled to begin in 2019.