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'Bill Cunningham Corner’ to Honor the Legendary Photographer in Midtown

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The street renaming will be unveiled in a ceremony this afternoon

Fashion photographer Bill Cunningham captured some of his most iconic shots from the corner of East 57th Street and 5th Avenue, and now the city has decided to honor his memory by renaming that corner "Bill Cunningham Corner," the New York Times reports, for whom Cunningham worked for the past 40 years before he passed away last month.

The new street name will be unveiled at a ceremony this afternoon by deputy mayor Alicia Glenn, the former curator of the Met’s Costume Institute, Harold Koda, and the executive editor of the Times, Dean Baquet, in front of the Louis Vuitton store at that corner.

The renaming will however only be temporary as permanent changes require a more complicated process, though the Mayor’s office told the Times that it was considering something more permanent to honor Cunningham’s memory.