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Airbnb Says 96 Percent of Whole-Apartment Shares In NYC Are Primary Residences

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A new memo issued by the short-term home share website sheds some light

On the heels of a new study used by the city in its crusade against Airbnb, the short-term stay site has released its own numbers about Airbnb’s goings-on in New York City. The memo is part of Airbnb’s Community Compact, wherein the website regularly reports figures about its host community in NYC.

Airbnb found that, from June 1, 2015 through June 1, 2016, that 96 percent of hosts who share an entire home on the site have only one home listed. While its illegal to rent out an entire apartment on Airbnb in NYC, the argument that some hosts are gaming the system by operating multiple full-apartment rentals as a means of income is a tentpole of the city’s gripe with the site. The memo also found that the median amount of nights an apartment is occupied by Airbnb guests in a year is 47.

Airbnb says they’re rallying against hosts with multiple home shares and have removed 2,233 listings from the site throughout the year. The memo notes, "If we find listings that do not reflect our vision for our community, we take action by removing them from our platform." Majority of the illegal apartment shares were in Manhattan, with 592 listings removed from Midtown, and 993 from the rest of the borough.

Per the memo, the median annual earnings for Airbnb hosts is $5,474, an "economic life preserver" for those struggling to live in an increasingly expensive city. The annual earnings for Airbnb hosts in Midtown are the highest, coming in at $8,286.