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Nomad’s Contentious 750-Foot Tower Gets a New Rendering

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The DOB recently put construction on hold citing an errant outdoor space

The planned 700-foot plus residential tower in Nomad is on hold following complaints from residents in a neighboring condo tower, but that hasn’t stopped the developers from releasing a new rendering for the project. YIMBY stopped by the construction site, and nabbed a shot of the rendering at the site.

The latest plans for the building call for a 51-story tower with 180 apartments, and 7,500 square feet of retail on the ground floor to be divided amongst three stores. Apartments at this J.D. Carlisle and Fosun Group-developed building will average about 1,644 square feet.

The project however can’t move forward right now until the developers are able to alter their plans according to the requirements of the city’s Department of Buildings, which had problems with a planned outdoor space for the tower.