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Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown’s UWS Penthouse Sold For $19.38M

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The grand penthouse entered contract in December 2015

The page has been turned on the Beresford penthouse of legendary Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown. The fabled, turreted quadruplex Brown and her husband, a film and theater producer, called home hit the market in November asking $20 million. Less than two months later, the grand spread entered contract.

The sale closed for $19.38 million, marking the city’s second most expensive sale of the week, as pointed to by the Times. The penthouse came to market following a short squabble between the Beresford’s co-op board (who wanted to sell), and Brown’s executors (who wanted to hold onto the prized real estate.)

The apartment takes up the southeastern turret of the limestone and brick Emory Roth-designed landmark at 211 Central Park West. The Times describes it in exquisite detail,

The apartment is entered via a private vestibule adorned with bright floral wallpaper that opens to a gallery with a curved staircase. A large, high-ceilinged living room on the main floor features a fireplace and wide sliding glass doors that open to a wraparound balcony overlooking the nearby American Museum of Natural History and the park. The top floor contains a great room, with 17-foot ceilings and a fireplace.

The buyer is Robert Millard, formerly of Lehman Brothers and the chairman of MIT Corporation.

The Beresford

211 central park west, New York, NY