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Restaurateur Keith McNally Tries, Yet Again, to Rent His West Village Townhouse

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The home on West 11th Street was listed for $14 million in February

The saga of restaurateur Keith McNally’s West 11th Street townhouse continues: Nearly six months after attempting to sell it for $14 million, the five-bedroom home is back on the market, this time as a $27,500/month rental. This isn’t the first time he’s gone the rental route with this property, though it’s inexplicably gotten a price jump since the last time, when he was asking $19,000.

The place is lovely, and certainly tailored to someone who has a career in food—we still can’t get over how gorgeous that kitchen is—but it’s certainly got a look, which is very similar to that of McNally’s restaurants (Balthazar, Cherche Midi, and so on). That might explain why it hasn’t budged since it was first listed, all the way back in 2012.