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New Midtown East luxury building is falling apart, lawsuit alleges

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Residents of The Alexander sue over faulty construction and missing amenities

New York City has no shortage of shady landlords, but shoddy materials and deferred maintenance are less common issues in the city’s many luxury developments. According to the New York Post, residents of the recently-built Alexander on 250 East 49th Street are facing those issues and suing developer Alexander Gurevich for $67 million over them.

This is not the first time that The Alexander has been mired in controversy. In 2010, Gurevich was barred from selling apartments in New York for three years due to his failure to disclose important financial information about The Alexander’s investors.

The Post reports that this newest lawsuit accuses Gurevich and designers Sydness Architects of allowing "cracks and leaks to permeate the building, including on the roof, balconies and terraces, causing water to flood some condos" that cost as much as $1.9 million for a two-bedroom.

The building also never delivered on a slew of promised amenities including a gym, cold storage room for perishable deliveries, and a mail room, the lawsuit alleges.

Additionally, the original board of The Alexander was allegedly filled with business partners of Gurevich who failed to pay the building’s water and sewage costs, leading current residents to foot the $442,000 bill.

Considering The Alexander has already faced quite a bit of difficulty marketing its beleaguered apartments, the lawsuit will likely only further damage the condominium’s reputation.