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Staten Island loft with industrial-chic interiors is a serious bargain

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The loft comes with parking, views of Lower Manhattan, and is asking $425,000

Between the rise of the New York Wheel and the development of Empire Stores, a lot’s is going on these days in the sleepy Staten Island community of St. George. With such major changes ahead, what better time for a buyer pursuing a deal to consider NYC’s fifth borough? (Although, okay, yes—that means living in Staten Island.)

This studio/one-bedroom loft at 10 Bay Street Landing is a serious deal by New York City standards, offering up an updated kitchen and bathroom, panoramic views of Lower Manhattan, and private parking to boot. The co-op comes with common amenities including a gym, tennis courts, and building security. The apartment is asking $425,000 (or $425/square foot), with $825/month maintenance.

Barring some cataclysmic event that would halt service of the Staten Island Ferry, this neighborhood just might become more convenient than Williamsburg, which is bracing for an 18-month shutdown of its vital lifeblood, the L train.