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Cute bungalow on Staten Island's bucolic-sounding Seafoam Street asks $219,000

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The adorable, tiny Staten Island home comes with an equally small price tag

Bungalows may be a rare type of home in New York City, but they do exist, particularly in the outer boroughs. The area near Rockaway Beach was famously home to thousands of these small, one- to two-story homes, though only a few hundred of these homes remain; in Brooklyn, bungalows can still be found in Coney Island and Sheepshead Bay, though there are far fewer than in their heyday.

And in Staten Island, the area near New Dorp Beach was once chock-full of the small homes—even getting the name the "poor man’s Bermuda"—but as with their Brooklyn and Queens counterparts, their numbers are shrinking. But this charming two-bedroom bungalow, located on the impossibly adorable Seafoam Street, is still there, and it’s for sale for a mere $219,000.

The listing offers little information, but it looks like the mid-century bungalow was updated in the not-too-distant past, with new kitchen appliances, a renovated bathroom, and a lovely little deck. If you can get past some of the possible drawbacks—it’s located within a special flood hazard area; it’s a bit small; it’s on Staten Island—it could be a charming abode for the right person. (Or for one of those folks who wants a "second home" in the city, perhaps?)