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One of New York City's ugliest buildings is finally getting a makeover

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The former Verizon building at 375 Pearl Street is getting glassy

At last, the former Verizon building at 375 Pearl Street is getting a glassy new makeover. As reported by YIMBY, the 32-story building that has been deemed the ugliest building in New York (though we can think of a few worse ones out there) has been replacing parts of its dull grey facade on the upper floors with shiny new glass.

The redesign is long overdue and was originally scheduled to happen back around 2008 when it was reported that the building would receive a $350 million renovation but the financial crisis that occurred that same year halted those plans dead in its tracks. In 2011, the building was purchased by developers Young Woo & Associates and the Sabey Corp. for $120 million.

Photographs taken by Tectonic shows the how the building is coming along. Hopefully once the project is complete, New Yorkers will consider relinquishing the title currently bestowed upon the building.