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Queens’s most expensive apartment returns with an even higher asking price

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The Long Island City penthouse first hit the market in 2015 with a lower asking price

The old adage "If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again" seems to be the MO for Penthouse A in Long Island City’s ridiculously named The View at East Coast. The three-bedroom condo first hit the market in 2015, when it took the title of the most expensive apartment for sale in Queens; last summer, reports surfaced that an all-cash buyer purchased the apartment, but no record of that sale surfaced in city records.

And so, incredibly, it’s back on the market now with an even higher asking price than before. Originally, it was asking $5.398 million; now, it’s looking for $5.58 million. (Ah, the whims of the wealthy.) The particulars haven’t changed—it’s still "a private oasis in the sky," per the brokerbabble, with high ceilings, a private terrace, high-end fixtures, and access to the building’s many amenities. Now to see if it'll find a buyer that actually sticks this time.