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How much for an Upper West Side co-op a block from Central Park?

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Can you guess the correct asking price?

Pricespotter is Curbed's pricing guessing game. How much do you think this place is asking? Drop your guess in the comments, and remember, no cheating!

What/Where: 1BR/1BA co-op on the Upper West Side

Square Footage: n/a

Maintenance: $1,013

This Upper West Side apartment definitely has location going for it: Its building is only a block from Central Park (though that’s the only clue we’re giving you as to where it’s located). It’s also rather spacious—there’s only one bedroom, but the common areas offer plenty of room. There’s one bedroom, two walk-in closets, a (smallish) bathroom, and a revamped kitchen with a dishwasher. So: how much do you think it’s asking?