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Colorful Sutton Place penthouse with huge solarium chops asking price

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It was originally listed for $16 million, but hasn't budged at that price

Back in the day (2011, that is) the luxe penthouse atop 400 East 59th Street sold for a song; Amy Chanos, ex-wife of Kynikos Associates "king of short selling" Jim Chanos, picked it up for only $4.35 million. Just four years (and one extremely colorful revamp) later, though, she decided to sell—and put a whopping $16 million price sticker on the pad.

Granted, it is a lovely space, with a huge solarium (which "makes this room appear to float above the city," per the brokerbabble), custom finishes, tons of space, and a terrace overlooking the city. But apparently, no one bit at that price: The listing reappeared recently with a $1.3 million price chop, so now the "trophy penthouse" is asking $14.7 million. Will it sell this time? Only time will tell.…