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Manhattan West’s rising buildings get shiny glass sheathing

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The megaproject, located in the shadow of Hudson Yards, is moving right along

A lot has happened since we last checked in on Manhattan West, the mini-megaproject rising just a few blocks from Hudson Yards. Field Condition recently stopped by the site, and found that construction has progressed rather far since then. For one, the building now known as 5 Manhattan West—the squat, oddly-shaped office building that’s currently home to the Associated Press, among others—is almost fully sheathed in glass. The 62-story residential tower at 401 West 31st Street, meanwhile, is also getting glassy after topping out in April.

The eight-acre mixed-use project, spearheaded by Brookfield, will include five different buildings, along with a park and retail spaces. The whole thing is being done to the tune of $4.5 billion, and should be completed in stages in the next few years.