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220 Central Park South’s newest celeb resident may be…Sting?

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The former Police frontman may be scouting apartments in Robert A.M. Stern’s tower

Despite his reputation for being somewhat New Age-y, Sting’s real estate choices are decidedly staid; the multihyphenate artist (singer, songwriter, Broadway composer, the list goes on) has lived in a series of apartments along Central Park, most recently a 16th-floor spread in Robert A.M. Stern’s 15 Central Park West. So it’s no surprise that Sting and his wife Trudie Styler would be interested in the architect’s latest building; namely, the limestone tower rising at 220 Central Park South.

The New York Post reports that the couple has been scouting apartments in the building, and may be close to purchasing a triplex for an as-yet-undisclosed sum (because we still don’t know anything about prices in the building, because everything about it is shrouded in mystery). But the Post’s sources believe it will be less expensive than the $250 million apartment that’s allegedly going to be in the building—but then, it would have to be.

And as for the couple’s current Limestone Jesus apartment? The Post speculates that it could hit the market soon with an ask as high as $55 million—which, considering other apartments for sale in the building (a $43.5 million penthouse is the priciest right now), probably isn’t too outlandish.

220 Central Park South

220 Central Park South, New York, NY