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Elizabeth Swig’s troubled 740 Park Avenue duplex sold for just $18M

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The embattled apartment was originally listed for $32.5 million

It may be time to start readying a plaque in the Pricechopper Hall of Fame. In April, the 740 Park Avenue duplex that was once owned by Kent and Elizabeth Swig (and then later, just Elizabeth) went into contract, and now, public records show the final closing price for the apartment. That price: $18 million—which is quite a chop from its original list price of $32.5 million. But it’s possible that Swig cared more about unloading the apartment than getting that full asking price—or even the $22.5 million that it was listed for last November.

To recap, the 740 Park duplex has been a thorn in the Swigs’ side for years now—though the controversy-averse board of the storied co-op might see it the other way around. First, Bank of America repeatedly attempted to forclose on the apartment, after the couple defaulted on monthly payments. Then, it became part of the estranged couple’s protracted legal battles (which happened simultaneously, but independent of, Kent’s issues with his father-in-law, Harry Macklowe).

Eventually, Elizabeth got sole ownership of the 16-room apartment, and now it’s someone else’s problem: the pad sold to an investment banker and his wife. And so the Swigs’ long, strange real estate saga comes to a close.

740 Park Ave

740 Park Avenue, New York, NY