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Cash-strapped MTA does a terrible job collecting fines

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The MTA fails to collect nearly half of the fines they issue

The MTA, perennially plagued by budget woes, is not doing a great job collecting fines owed by turnstile hoppers and other underground mischief makers. State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli shared the results of a two-and-a-half year audit, spotted by Crain’s, that found the agency has missed out on collecting nearly half of the fines issued for subway misconduct.

The audit found that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority failed to collect more than $13 million in fines over the time period of the audit, and generally stopped trying to collect individual fines after about 18 months (Don’t get any ideas.)

The agency’s ability to collect the fines is contingent on their ability to reach violators by phone or by mail. Oftentimes the information provided to city police and transit inspectors who issue the summonses is incorrect.