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Massive residential development planned for Rockaway Park

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Four nine-story buildings are planned near the Beach 116th St. subway stop

A massive new residential project is planned at Rockaway Park near the Beach 116th Street subway stop, The Rockaway Times first reported. Development firm, the Marcal Group, is planning to construct four, nine-story residential buildings that stretch between Beach 115th Street and Beach 117th Street and include 240,000 square feet of residential space.

The site encompasses vacant lots and some abandoned buildings including a restaurant and a catering hall, which had sat vacant for five years before the Marcal Group scooped it up for $5 million in December last year, according to DNAinfo.

While there aren’t plans for affordable housing per se, two of the four buildings will have space set aside for senior housing, upwards of 100 units, according to the Rockaway Times. The rest will be condos with apartments costing around $700,000, though the developer didn’t go into specifics about the price range.

Plans also call for 23,000 square feet of commercial space spread out between the buildings, and the overall development will be known as Seaport Landing. The head of the Marcal Group, Mark Caller, is hoping that his development will spur similar projects in the neighborhood, particularly the site of a long vacant theater on the boardwalk and the Park Inn Nursing Home. Caller anticipates the support of the local community board, he told the Rockaway Times, and expects that demolition work on the existing buildings will get underway in the next few weeks.