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What changes do you want to see in NYC’s subway system?

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Not too long ago, Governor Cuomo announced that the MTA would roll out a number of changes to the NYC subway in an attempt to modernize the aging transit system. Chief among those is the introduction of more than 1,000 new subway cars (some of which will have an open-gangway design) that’ll be filled with tech-focused upgrades: Wi-Fi, USB ports, the whole nine yards. Some subway stations will get revamped; others will get better wayfinding systems; and countdown clocks are apparently coming to more stations.

These are all good things, right? Well, sure, in theory—but we all know how long it can actually take for improvements to actually get made to the subway system. (We see you, Second Avenue Subway.)

Plus, there’s the fact that there are other urgent improvements that could be addressed, but aren’t quite as fancy; things like repairing stations that are falling apart, for example, or bringing the system up to a "state of good repair" (a process that could, admittedly, take up to 50 years).

With all that in mind, we’re curious: What changes do you want to see in the NYC subway system? Cleaner stations? Wi-Fi underground? More public art? Take any and all suggestions to the comments (and remember to play nice).