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No end in sight for fight over Port Authority Bus Terminal redesign

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Elected officials continue to voice opposition to the design competition

The squabble surrounding the Port Authority Bus Terminal redesign continues this week. After it was revealed last month that elected officials were opposed to the design competition to determine a winner for the redesign, the Port Authority is now calling on those disgruntled elected officials to come up with their own proposals if they’re unhappy with the current process, DNAinfo reports.

Elected officials like Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and City Councilman Corey Johnson have expressed opposition to the current process on the grounds that the whole process has not had enough public input right from the start.

Port Authority officials on their part have said that they have investigated "literally scores" of ideas and proposals for a new terminal since 2013, and that the design competition has been deemed the best way to move forward. Though the PA also said it’s still open to more suggestions.

This week the agency invited elected officials to review the plans submitted by the five finalists for the design competition, but the officials rejected that idea saying it would legitimize an already unfair process. Johnson and Brewer wrote to the PA saying they would boycott the meeting. That meeting was subsequently canceled.

"To imply that community input is unnecessary because they’ve considered every option is a big slap in the face to Hell’s Kitchen residents and local leaders," Johnson told DNAinfo.

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