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Renovated Bed-Stuy townhouse with vintage touches wants $799,900

Check out townhouses for sale in Bushwick, Marine Park, and Bed-Stuy

Welcome to the Brooklyn Townhouse Roundup, where we—you guessed it—take a look at the most notable Brooklyn townhouses on the market. Got tips? Send 'em here.

↑ Way out in Marine Park, a renovated three-bedroom townhouse with plenty of space—close to 2,000 square feet—is asking a rather modest $799,000. It’s a two-family home, so there’s an apartment on the lower level; the ground floor has an open floorplan, and there’s also a backyard (that could use some work—it’s just a patch of concrete right now).

↑ In Bushwick, a two-bedroom townhouse with a sweet little porch is asking an even $1 million. The interiors are slightly dated, but critical parts of the house—the windows, kitchen, and bathrooms—were recently updated, so it might only take a mild renovation to bring it into the 21st century. There’s also a nice amount of outdoor space.

↑ The listing calls this home’s neighborhood Stuyvesant Heights, but let’s be real—it’s Bed-Stuy. The renovated single-family home has three bedrooms, two bedrooms, and per the listing, "a beautiful Federal style center staircase with a skylight." It’s pretty nice, and it’s asking only $799,900.

↑ This townhouse is also in Bed-Stuy, but needs quite a bit more work than the one on Monroe Street—and yet it has a much higher asking price, of $1.79 million. Why the price jump? It’s located in a historic district, for one, and the home itself is a Romanesque Revival townhouse with a lovely exterior. The interior, of course, needs some work.