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L train riders will find little sympathy from commuters in NYC subway deserts

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New Yorkers with long commutes say that with some determination, it’s totally doable

New Yorkers with inordinately long commutes to and from work are telling L Train riders to calm down about the shutdown starting in 2019. The New York Times spoke with several commuters who often have to switch multiple buses and trains as they commute from neighborhoods with little to no access to public transportation. They essentially told the Times that with a little determination, and a whole lot of patience, it’s totally doable — and for L Train riders, it’s potentially for 18 months, not a long-term conundrum.

Most of these commuters advised using the bus, even though it was recently revealed that bus ridership is declining. Transportation advocates however blame that on the poor quality of service and delays, not a lack of demand for buses.

One commuter, who uses a dollar van to get to the E Train at Jamaica Center from his home in Rosedale, Queens, advocated something similar for residents stranded in north and east Williamsburg. A report [PDF!] put together by NYU’s Furman Center stated that three-quarters of residential units in NYC are half a mile or less from a subway station. That number is (obviously) skewed by the boroughs. That fact is true for about 94 percent of units in Manhattan, but only 54 percent in Queens.