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Inwood residents fear rezoning would allow for unwelcome shadows

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A potential rezoning could add tall towers along Broadway

At a recent community meeting organized to discuss a potential rezoning in Inwood, residents voiced their hesitation about such an effort, particularly on how tall buildings would shadow the existing ones in the neighborhood, DNAinfo reports. Residents in particular are concerned about how taller buildings along Broadway, starting around West 215th Street would affect existing buildings on Park Terrace East, the street west of Broadway.

The city’s Economic Development Corporation is currently studying the neighborhood for a rezoning effort that could see the creation of taller towers. The study is in accordance with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to rezone various neighborhoods across the city to allow for more affordable housing. Residents in Inwood however have voiced concerns that such an effort would burden the neighborhood’s already crowded schools, public transportation and parks.

Not everyone was opposed however. Some expressed excitement about such a rezoning reviving the neighborhood. Where everyone did agree however was on the neighborhood not getting very tall towers. The rezoning is still in the study stage, and if the city decides to go through it will first have to put such a proposal through a formal review process.