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Upper East Side townhouse that inspired ‘Harriet the Spy’ is in contract

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The gorgeous Queen Anne townhouse on East 87th Street allegedly inspired author Louise Fitzhugh

This stunning Upper East Side townhouse has a quirky literary side: it’s rumored to be the home that inspired Louise Fitzhugh, author of the beloved children’s book Harriet the Spy, to have her titular character live on East 87th Street. (Fitzhugh lived only a few blocks away on East 85th Street.) It hit the market earlier this year with an asking price of $4.95 million, and now, just a few months later, it’s already in contract. (No word yet on who the buyer is, but perhaps they’re a Harriet aficionado lured in by the home’s pedigree?)

The house itself is a beaut: a late-19th-century Queen Anne townhouse with lovely brickwork and original ornamentation, and five bedrooms spread out over nearly 3,000 square feet of space. The interiors got a thoughtful upgrade at some point, and include a light-filled eat-in kitchen, a lovely old staircase with a skylight, and custom built-ins (the better to store one’s collection of children’s books, maybe?). There’s also a dumbwaiter, which is just a fun old detail.