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A sprawling Bronx estate with views of the Palisades asks $3.2M

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A lovely century-old Greek Revival house in Riverdale is on the market

With its sprawling grounds and scenic vistas, the Greek Revival house at 5501 Palisade Avenue looks like it’s about 100 miles away from New York City. But nope—this puppy is nestled right in the Bronx, just a five-minute walk away from Riverdale’s Metro North station. The six-bedroom, five-and-a-half bathroom house just hit the market asking $3.2 million. Although the listing doesn’t divulge too much info, it does say that the house comes with a wood-burning fireplace, a river-fronting sun room with lovely views of the Hudson, and a detached garage. The house looks like it could use a little bit of TLC, but those stunning views might make that easier for a buyer to get behind.