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Staten Island's 'Deceit Lane' townhouses move forward

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The townhouses will rise on the former home of the Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat

These Staten Island developers are not backing down. Despite the borough president saddling their development with street names that mean greed and deceit, the Savo Brothers are now moving forward with their 250-unit townhouse project on the site of the former Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat, YIMBY reports.

James Oddo, the borough president, and local residents had been opposed to the massive development on a beloved and historic site right from the start. But developers did not pay any heed to those complaints and instead cut down hundreds of trees at the site, and demolished several historical buildings on the 15.4-acre property.

Oddo wasn’t able to stop the project from moving forward, but there was something else he had control over—street names. And so he named the streets within the complex, Cupidity Drive, Fouberie Lane, and Avidita Place, synonyms for lust for wealth, deceit, and greed respectively. The developers of course challenged this decision, and had different names in mind, but a State Supreme Court judge ruled against them.

They appealed that decision, but with building plans now filed with the Department of Buildings, it appears that they’re moving forward regardless. So far, plans have been filed for 25 townhouses. The 250 townhouses will take up about 403,337 square feet of space, so on average they will measure 1,613 square feet. The townhouses will be two or three stories tall and come with parking garages.

The city had offered to buy the land from the developers and convert it into a park, according to YIMBY, but the Savo Brothers declined.